Community Engagement & Involvement (CEI)

Welcome to the Community Engagement & Involvement (CEI) page for the NIHR GHRG ABSI.

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The EyeVu Consortium is a junior-led, global neurosurgery initiative focusing on innovation, education, and capacity building.

Our Consortium comprises medical and engineering students from Australia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ireland, Italy, Libya, Malta, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Türkiye, the UK, and Zambia.

We are working to develop open-source, point-of-care diagnostic screening tools using smart-phone based ophthalmoscopy and AI to identify individuals with intracranial hypertension in low-resource settings. This initiative seeks to foster career-long relationships and international collaborations, empowering the next generation of neurosurgeons and innovators by providing direct experience of engineering design processes, rapid prototyping, federated health networks, and primary and secondary research designs.

To date, we’ve worked with University of Cambridge 2nd year MEng students and the Cambridge iTeams initiative to develop a bench-top prototype mobile ophthalmoscope and precursor AI model capable of differentiating normal retina photographs from those with pathology.

We’re excited for upcoming plans to bring our prototypes and findings thus far to patients, their families, and members of the public.

Watch this space for additional information to get involved in CEI for the EyeVu project!


We’ve sat down with some excellent international qualitative researchers and academics to bring you the NEURO_QUAL podcasts, made for a general audience with an interest in qualitative research (and its value) in neuroscience research.

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